Water Balloon Launchers And Water Balloon Slingshots



Water balloon launchers and slingshots are fun for all ages from kids to adults.  They’re great for regular summer fun or for summer parties and get-togethers.  The large balloon launchers would also be great for summer camps, church events, carnivals, or even frat parties.

Below you’ll find 3 person balloon launchers, water balloon sling shots, single person balloon launchers, and even a water balloon gun. One of the multi person balloon launchers can launch balloons up to 400 feet!

To help you fill the water balloons I have featured a couple nozzels to make filling easier, and there are several packs of water balloons to choose from.   I like the biodegradable ones!

Water Balloon Launchers

Water balloon launchers make summer days lots of fun.  You can have a war from across a large yard or field, or just see who can launch a balloon the furthest.  These would be great to have for a contest at summer camp or a carnival.  Use your imagination and I’m sure you can come up with plenty of ways to use the launchers.

100 Yard Water Balloon LauncherBeast 300-Yard Water Balloon Cannon/LauncherStream Machine 820259 3 Person Balloon Launcher (Youth Size)400 Yard Water Balloon LauncherCX Blaster Water Balloon Launcher – 200 Yard200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Water Balloon Sling Shot

Water balloon sling shots take water balloon fights to a whole other level.  My favorite is the wrist launcher.  These also work well with balls you soak in water and are less messy than water balloons.

Water Bomb Sling Shot with Water Balloons & Filler (Asst. Colors)Toss Em! Water Balloon Sling ShotWater Sports 80082 Marine Wrist Balloon Launcher

Other Water Balloon Launchers

Both of these launchers work well.  The first one is used by putting the water balloon in the scoop and then slinging it.  Because of the design, you’ll be able to throw it further than you can by hand.  The water balloon gun is just what the name implies, a gun that shoots water balloons. It can shoot balloons up to 40 ft!

Imperial Toy Kaos Nemesis Wrist LauncherPumponator Blastonator, Blue Edition

Water Balloon Fillers

Filling water balloons takes a while if you do it without a special nozzle.  These are two great nozzles that fit on the end of a water hose.  The second one even clips to a table.  Either of these work great for filling and even give you a hand when you need to tie the balloon.

Imperial Toy Tie-Not Water Balloon Filling Set, Colors May VaryGAME 4407 Water Bomb Factory

Water Balloons

Make sure to stock up one water balloons for your water balloon fight, party, or other event!  Did you see the grenade ones and the biodegradable ones?

Biodegradable Water Balloons 100 pack500 Pack Water Balloons36 Count 4

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